The dream 3

A new journey has begun in search of colors and emotions. This painting is part of a series that I have called “the dream”.
The starting idea was expressed through a painting the human being as part of the world of nature. a sense of belonging and completeness devoid of any element of contrast or rejection. I tried to express the exact opposite of the idea that human being is other than the world he lives in. Animals, plants, land, sky, sea, flowers, human being all together in one world. In this case the human being is the spectator.

This painting in oil on canvas, dimension 65X80cm. Please leave a comment or write to

Please note I’m still working on this painting. Follow me to see the finished work.

“The dream 0” is one I called “Il giardino”. Please look at “The dream 1” and “the dream 2” in Atelier and enjoy them.

Music recommended: “I love you” Billie Eilish

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